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Are you interested in one of these? Necklaces and earrings are sold separately, if you don’t want both, but may have limited availability. See below for more information.

Wearable art = jewelry.  All necklaces have some sort of way to wear them: cord with a fob, magnetic neck wire or plain metal neck wire. I have magnetic neck wires (16-in, 18-in and 20-in) in a variety of colors, depending on the size. Most pendants/necklaces have matching earrings.
* Hanging earrings can easily be changed from pierced to clip.
* Interested in buying? For info on shipping and to purchase, please contact me at

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  2. Cindy Horner

    Hello Diane,
    This is Cindy Horner. We met at the Swiss Club gathering at Mt. Lemmon. I am the one who asked if you could make a Swiss Cross pendent for a necklace like the one you were wearing at the pic nick. If possible, I would like it a little smaller than the one you have. I understand it would cost $25, correct?

    If it’s easier, I plan to be at the Christmas dinner. We could exchange money and necklace then, or I could meet you in town. What do you think?

    It was fun to talk with you and I look forward to seeing you again.

    Joyfully, Cindy Horner

  3. diane4art Post author

    Hi Cindy,

    I just found your message. In the future, please email me at Otherwise, I’ll probably miss your message. I also plan to be at the dinner. If you can wait that long, let’s just do an exchange there. It will be $25 + tax, a total of $27.17. I can take cash or a credit card.

    Best regards,

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