my travels 2016 – 2020

In 2017 Jacqueline and I met in San Francisco and drove to Vancouver Island, Canada:  Shortly after this trip, I had surgery on my right foot, and that ended my 2017 travels.

In January 2018 I took a workshop in Indio, California, with glass artist Paul Messink. My friend/fellow artist Sharon joined me, so she could visit friends in the area who were getting ready to move. Paul mentioned a glass exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum, which I immediately dragged Sharon to:

In May 2018 I took a quick trip to New York for an event at my old college on Long Island. I reconnected with my roommate from those years plus visited a glass gallery in Manhattan.

In June it was back to Palm Springs, for another exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum, which has its own glass gallery. This time I had Sharon and another glass artist from our gallery, Eneida, with me:

Our big event in July was Spacefest, our first adventure as vendors.
“We” were my friend Sharon, a metal artist Dante, and me, as “Otherworldly Creations”. I found some people I hadn’t seen since I left Washington, D.C., in 1995.

The next big adventure was a trip to Europe, starting in Switzerland, dragging Jacqueline diagonally across France to visit two glass museums, and then four weeks more or less on my own. I visited a glass museum in Denmark and another in Germany, taking photos for an article which appeared in 2019. I met a friend from home, Gertrud, and we cruised down the Mosel and visited a potato pancake festival, which was the focus of another article. In all, I was in Europe 6 weeks in 2018: