Saguaro with flower and copper star, $20

Saguaro ornament / sun catcher with flower and copper star, $25

For prices or special orders, please contact me, preferably by e-mail. Be sure to reference “diane’s fused glass”.

You can reach me by e-mail at

Snail Mail:  contact me by phone or email for mailing address in Tucson, Arizona (P.O. Box is no longer valid)

Telephone: (520) 624-7086 (studio/cell). The number (703) 870-8077 (cell) still works, but I prefer the studio number.
(Attn: robocallers: Both numbers are on the “Do Not Call” list)


Want to know where I’ll be next? Send me an email at with your location — I have two lists: one for the Tucson/Phoenix area and one for the Richmond, Virginia, area.  I’ll add you to the email for the appropriate area. Or you tell me which…. Your information will NEVER be knowingly shared with anyone (I can’t guarantee I’ll never be hacked….)
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